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The Broad’s office of Strategic Alliances and Partnering welcomes opportunities to explore your licensing interest. Our patent portfolio is dynamic and the technologies highlighted here are published patent applications or issued patents.  If you have a specific technology interest, please contact us directly.

Date Published Intellectual Property
03/28/2019 Methods and Systems for Reconstruction of Developmental Landscapes by Optimal Transport Analysis
03/07/2019 Double Selection HDR CRISPR-Based Editing
02/21/2019 Neuronal Assay Method Involving Calcineurin
01/24/2019 Compositions and Methods for Treating Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
01/24/2019 Cell Atlas of the Healthy and Ulcerative Colitis Human Colon
01/24/2019 Methods of Producing Human Cancer Cell Models and Methods of Use
01/24/2019 Cancer Diagnostic and Treatment
01/24/2019 Cell Atlas of Healthy and Diseased Barrier Tissues
01/24/2019 Novel Type VI CRISPR Orthologs and Systems
01/17/2019 Methods and Compositions for Modulating Cytotoxic Lymphocyte Activity
01/10/2019 CRISPR System Based Antiviral Therapy
01/10/2019 Methods for Designing Guides Sequences for Guided Nucleases
01/03/2019 Systems and Methods for MHC Class II Epitope Prediction
01/03/2019 Novel Type VI CRISPR Orthologs and Systems
12/20/2018 Compositions And Methods Targeting Complement Component 3 For Inhibiting Tumor Growth
12/06/2018 Methods for Identification and Modification of LNCRNA Associated with Target Genotypes and Phenotypes
11/29/2018 Novel Delivery of Large Payloads
11/22/2018 Systems, Methods, and Compositions for Targeted Nucleic Acid Editing
11/15/2018 Methods and Compositions of Use of CD8+ Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocyte Subtypes and Gene Signatures Thereof
11/15/2018 Methods and Compositions for Determination of Mutations in Single Replication Events
11/15/2018 Gut Microbiome Function Predicts Response to Anti-Integrin Biologic Therapy in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
11/08/2018 Single-Cell Proteomic Assay Using Aptamers
11/01/2018 Methods for Linking Polynucleotides
11/01/2018 Modified Cyclic Peptides and Therapeutic Use Thereof
11/01/2018 IL-8, IL-6, IL-1 Beta and Tet2 and DNMT3A in Atherosclerosis