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Tumor and microenvironment gene expression, compositions of matter and methods of use thereof

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Bradley Bernstein, Levi Garraway, Aviv Regev, Mario Suva, Orit Rozenblatt-Rosen, Alexander Shalek, Itay Tirosh, Benjamin Izar, Andrew Venteicher, Sanjay Prakadan, Marc Wadsworth, Anuraag Parikh, Sidharth Puram


This invention relates generally to compositions and methods for identifying genes and gene networks that respond to, modulate, control or otherwise influence tumors and tissues, including cells and cell types of the tumors and tissues, and malignant, microenvironmental, or immunologic states of the tumor cells and tissues. The invention also relates to methods of diagnosing, prognosing and/or staging of tumors, tissues and cells, and provides compositions and methods of modulating expression of genes and gene networks of tumors, tissues and cells, as well as methods of identifying, designing and selecting appropriate treatment regimens. The invention also relates to the modulation of complement activity to shift cellular immunity and obtain an effective therapeutic response.


  • 01/05/2017

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