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Systems and methods for determining relative abundances of biomolecules

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Eric S Lander, Aviv Regev, Le Cong, Brian Cleary


The present invention relates to genomic informatics and gene-expression profiling. Gene-expression profiles provide complex molecular fingerprints regarding the relative state of a cell or tissue. Similarities in gene-expression profiles between organic states provide molecular taxonomies, classification, and diagnostics. Similarities in gene-expression profiles resulting from various external perturbations reveal functional similarities between these perturbagens, of value in pathway and mechanism-of-action elucidation. Similarities in gene-expression profiles between organic and induced states may identify clinically-effective therapies. Systems and methods herein provide for the measurement of relative gene abundances, including unbiased selection of and construction of probes and targets designed and methods for using known properties of sparsity of measurements to reach gene abundances.


  • 05/04/2017

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