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Molecular Switch-Mediated Control of Engineered Cells

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Benjamin Ebert, Max Jan, Marcela Maus, Quinlan Sievers


The present disclosure relates to therapeutic methods and clinically useful molecular switches, for which activity or degradation of a switch-presenting polypeptide can be precisely induced via administration or withdrawal of an FDA-approved drug. Certain aspects of the disclosure relate to an engineered drug-inducible heterodimeric system including a first polypeptide presenting a CRBN polypeptide disrupted for or lacking a DDB1-interacting domain and a second polypeptide presenting a CRBN polypeptide substrate, where binding between the CRBN polypeptide and the CRBN polypeptide substrate are inducible via administration of an FDA-approved thalidomide analog immunomodulatory drug (IMiD). Another aspect of the disclosure relates to a chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) that presents a minimal fragment of the CRBN polypeptide substrate IKZF3 capable of triggering proteasomal degradation of CAR upon administration of an FDA-approved IMiD.


  • 05/09/2019

Published Patent Application

  • WO2019/089592

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