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Methods of Producing Human Cancer Cell Models and Methods of Use

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Levi Garraway, Eran Hodis, Aviv Regev


The present invention provides methods for introducing mutations to primary cells and selecting for the mutations to obtain a population of cells for modeling cancer. Such methods may comprise at least one round of introducing one or more mutations into one or more cells in a population of cells in vitro and culturing the cells until the mutation(s) are positively selected in the population. The cells may be cultured in vitro. The cells may be cultured in vivo. In certain embodiments, the cells are positively selected in vivo in order to select for cells capable of evading the immune system. In certain embodiments, cells are selected in an immune competent animal model. The cells may primary cells. The population of cells may be used for drug screening and for studying cancer.


  • 01/24/2019

Published Patent Application

  • WO2019/018553

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