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Methods and Compositions for Treating Cancer by Targeting the CLEC2D-KLRB1 Pathway

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Nathan Mathewson, Aviv Regev, Mario Suva, Itay Tirosh, Kai Wucherpfennig


Provided are methods and compositions for treating cancer in a subject in need thereof.One of the top gene products in glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is KLRB1 (also known as CD161), a C-type lectin protein that binds to CLEC2D. Binding of CLEC2D to the KLRB1 receptor inhibits the cytotoxic function of NK cells as well as cytokine secretion. KLRB1 is only expressed by small subpopulations of human blood T cells, and consequently little is known about the function of this receptor in T cells. However, preliminary data demonstrate that KLRB1 expression is induced in T cells within the GBM microenvironment. In an exemplary embodiment, a method is provided comprising administering an agent capable of blocking the interaction of KLRB1 with its ligand. The agent may comprise an antibody or fragment thereof, which may bind KLRB1 or CLEC2D.


  • 05/16/2019

Published Patent Application

  • WO2019/094983

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