Methods and Compositions for Identifying and Treating Glutaminase Inhibitor-Sensitive Cancers

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Steven Corsello, Caitlin Harrington, Todd R. Golub


The present disclosure relates to compositions and methods for the diagnosis and treatment or prevention of cancers that exhibit elevated expression of the glutamate/cysteine transporter SLC7A11, reduced expression of the fatty acid transporter SLC25A45 and/or reduced expression of FAM3 metabolism regulating signaling molecule B (FAM3B). In particular, the instant disclosure provides for identification of a cancer as possessing elevated SLC7A11 expression, reduced expression of SLC25A45 and/or reduced expression of FAM3B, and selecting and/or administering a glutaminase inhibitor as a therapeutic agent for such a cancer and/or subject having or at risk of developing such a cancer. Methods and compositions for therapies that combine such selection of cancers/subjects for glutaminase inhibitor therapy with other cancer therapies and/or chemotherapeutic agents are also provided.

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WO 2021/183881
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