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High-throughput drug and genetic assays for cellular transformation

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Aviv Regev, Paul Blainey, Assaf Rotem, Kevin Struhl


A method for detecting oncogenic growth and viability, and/or degree of cellular transformation and/or identifying an agent that inhibits cellular transformation is disclosed. The method including: providing a cellular sample, such as a sample of cells obtained from a subject or a cell line; culturing the cellular sample in low attachment conditions; and detecting growth and7or cell viability of the sample, wherein increased growth relative and/or viability relative to a control or control level indicative of basal growth and/or viability indicates cellular transformation. In some embodiments, the method includes introducing a n expression vector into cells of the cellular sample, wherein the expression vector comprises a gene product expression sequence being tested for transformation ability. In some embodiments the cellular sample is contacted with a test agent and growth and/or cell viability of the sample is determined to determine if the agent inhibits transformation.


  • 09/29/2016

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