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CRISPR System Based Antiviral Therapy

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Omar Abudayyeh, Catherine Freije, Jonathan Gootenberg, Cameron Myhrvold, Pardis Sabeti, Feng Zhang


The present invention offers a new approach for highly multiplexed, programmable antiviral therapies that directly target viral RNA, and can be flexibly adapted to target novel viruses or emerging outbreak pathogens. Class 2, type VI CRISPR system-based therapies can be used in combination with existing antiviral compounds for viruses where such compounds exist, either by increasing their efficacy or by preventing the evolution of specific drug resistance mutations. Perhaps most excitingly, if a virus evolves resistance to a specific guide RNA sequence, it is easy to switch to a different guide RNA sequence, or to design a new guide sequence to target the new mutation. Such approaches should prevent the widespread development of resistance to Class 2, type VI CRISPR system-based therapies.


  • 01/10/2019

Published Patent Application

  • WO2019/010422

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