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Cell Atlas of the Healthy and Ulcerative Colitis Human Colon

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Moshe Biton, Rebecca Herbst, Jose Ordovas-Montanes, Aviv Regev, Alexander Shalek, Christopher Smillie, Ramnik Xavier


The present invention provides for a human cell atlas of the colon from healthy and diseased subjects. The atlas was obtained by single sequencing of about 117,000 cells. The present invention discloses novel markers for cell types. Moreover, genes associated with disease are identified in the colon and colon specific cell types. The invention provides for diagnostic assays based on gene markers and cell composition, as well as target cell types that express genes associated with disease. Finally, disclosed are novel cell types and methods of quantitating, detecting and isolating the cell types.


  • 01/24/2019

Published Patent Application

  • WO2019/018440

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