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The Broad’s office of Strategic Alliances and Partnering welcomes opportunities to explore your licensing interest. Our patent portfolio is dynamic and the technologies highlighted here are published patent applications or issued patents.  If you have a specific technology interest, please contact us directly.

Date Published Intellectual Property
07/19/2018 Resistance to Checkpoint Blockade Therapy
06/28/2018 Methods of Treating Autism Spectrum Disorders
06/14/2018 CRISPR-Systems for Modifying a Trait of Interest in a Plant
05/17/2018 Modulation of Intestinal Epithelial Cell Differentiation, Maintenance and/or Function Through T-Cell Action, and Markers and Methods of Use Thereof
05/11/2018 Inhibitors of RNA Guided Nucleases and Uses Thereof
05/10/2018 Method for Determination and Identification of Cell Signatures and Cell Markers
04/26/2018 Novel Antibiotics and Methods of Using Same
04/12/2018 Modulation of Novel Immune Checkpoint Targets
04/05/2018 Systematic Mapping of Regulatory Elements in Non-Coding Genomic Regions, Compositions, Methods, Libraries and Applications Thereof
03/29/2018 Constructs for Continuous Monitoring of Live Cells
03/22/2018 Proximity-dependent biotinylation and uses thereof
03/22/2018 Use of Salt-Inducible Kinase (SIK) Inhibitors for Treating Osteoporosis
03/15/2018 Compositions and Methods for Evaluating and Modulating Immune Responses
03/08/2018 Compositions and Methods for Treating Neoplasias
03/08/2018 Methods for Identifying Novel Gene Editing Elements
03/01/2018 Nucleic Acid Amplification Assays for Detection of Pathogens
03/01/2018 Nucleic Acid Amplification Assays for Detection of Pathogens
02/22/2018 Novel CRISPR Enzymes and Systems
02/22/2018 Novel CRISPR Enzymes and Systems
02/22/2018 Products and Methods Useful for Modulating and Evaluating Immune Responses
02/22/2018 Methods for Identifying Class 2 CRISPR-Cas Systems
02/08/2018 Methods for Genome Characterization
01/04/2018 Compositions and Methods for Detecting and Treating Diabetes
12/21/2017 Unbiased Detection of Nucleic Acid Modifications
12/21/2017 Cpf1 complexes with reduced indel activity