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The Broad’s office of Strategic Alliances and Partnering welcomes opportunities to explore your licensing interest. Our patent portfolio is dynamic and the technologies highlighted here are published patent applications or issued patents.  If you have a specific technology interest, please contact us directly.

Date Published Intellectual Property
05/12/2022 Compositions and Methods for Tumor Characterization
05/12/2022 Methods for Characterizing Biological Samples
02/17/2022 Compositions, Panels, and Methods for Characterizing Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
12/09/2021 Engineered Central Nervous System Compositions
10/21/2021 Crispr system high throughput diagnostic systems and methods
10/07/2021 Sequencing-Based Population Scale Screening
09/30/2021 Compositions and Methods for Treating a Neurodegenerative or Developmental Disorder
09/23/2021 Compositions and Methods for Enhanced Lentiviral Production
09/23/2021 CRISPR Effector System Based Coronavirus Diagnostics
09/23/2021 Rapid Diagnostics
09/23/2021 Novel Type V CRISPR-CAS Systems and Use Thereof
09/23/2021 Zinc Finger Degradation Domains
09/16/2021 STAT3-Targeted Base Editor Therapeutics for the Treatment of Melanoma and Other Cancers
09/16/2021 Novel CAS Enzymes and Methods of Profiling Specificity and Activity
09/16/2021 Methods and Compositions for Identifying and Treating Glutaminase Inhibitor-Sensitive Cancers
09/02/2021 Novel Type IV CRISPR-CAS Systems and Methods of Use Thereof
08/26/2021 Liver Protective Marc Variants and Uses Thereof
08/19/2021 Field deployable crispr-cas diagnostics and methods of use thereof
08/12/2021 Lineage tracing using mitochondrial genome mutations and single cell genomics
08/12/2021 Adenine Base Editors and Uses Thereof
08/12/2021 Base Editor Predictive Algorithm and Method of Use
08/12/2021 Gene Editing Methods for Treating Spinal Muscular Atrophy
08/05/2021 Base Editors, Compositions, and Methods for Modifying the Mitochondrial Genome
07/29/2021 Uses of Biomarkers for Improving Immunotherapy
07/22/2021 Small Type II-D CAS Proteins and Methods of Use Thereof