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The Broad’s office of Strategic Alliances and Partnering welcomes opportunities to explore your licensing interest. Our patent portfolio is dynamic and the technologies highlighted here are published patent applications or issued patents.  If you have a specific technology interest, please contact us directly.

Date Published Intellectual Property
07/11/2019 Novel Nucleic Acid Modifiers
07/04/2019 Single-Cell Genomic Methods to Generate Ex Vivo Cell Sytems That Recapitulate In Vivo Biology with Improved Fidelity
06/27/2019 Compositions and Methods for Williams Syndrome (WS) Therapy
06/20/2019 Systems and Methods for Predicting Repair Outcomes in Genetic Engineering
06/20/2019 Somatic Microsatellite Indels Across Cancer
06/13/2019 Assays For Massively Combinatorial Perturbation Profiling In Vivo
06/13/2019 Methods and Compositions for Multiplexing Single Cell and Single Nuclei Sequencing
05/23/2019 Methods and Compositions for Modulating Immune Responses and Lymphocyte Activity
05/16/2019 Methods and Compositions for Treating Cancer by Targeting the CLEC2D-KLRB1 Pathway
05/16/2019 Methods and Compositions for Targeting Developmental and Oncogenic Programs in H3K27M Gliomas
05/16/2019 Methods for Determining Spatial and Temporal Gene Expression Dynamics During Adult Neurogenesis in Single Cells
05/09/2019 Methods and Compositions for Studying Cell Evolution
05/09/2019 Molecular Switch-Mediated Control of Engineered Cells
05/09/2019 CRISPR Protein Inhibitors
04/25/2019 Cell Atlas of Healthy and Diseased Tissues
04/25/2019 Methods and Systems for Detection of Somatic Structural Variants
04/25/2019 Markers of Active HIV Reservoir
04/25/2019 Use of Adenosine Base Editors
04/25/2019 Methods for High-Resolution Genome-Wide Functional Dissection of Transcriptional Regulatory Regions
04/25/2019 Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Host-Pathogen Interaction
04/18/2019 Compositions and Methods for Combinatorial Drug Discovery in Nanoliter Droplets
04/11/2019 Methods and Compositions for Altering Function and Structure of Chromatin Loops and/or Domains
04/11/2019 Methods and Compositions for Detecting and Modulating an Immunotherapy Resistance Gene Signature in Cancer
04/04/2019 Compositions and Methods for Treating Inflammatory Bowel Disease
04/04/2019 Methods and Compositions for Modulating Suppression of Lymphocyte Activity