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BroadE Workshops

Demand for BroadE workshops is so high that they often fill quickly. To manage demand, we are continuing to increase the number of times we offer our workshops, and we have implemented a one-week registration period for all BroadE workshops. Participants are selected from the pool of applicants who register during this period.

Everyone who registers has an equal chance of being accepted. Registrants are given a priority number at random, and registrants with high priority numbers are put on a participant list. This list may be revised to ensure that BroadE workshops reach a diverse group of Broadies based on the following factors:

  • the applicant’s home institution
  • the applicant’s lab
  • whether the applicant has previously participated in this particular workshop
  • whether the applicant was previously waitlisted for this particular workshop
  • whether the applicant was previously selected to attend this particular workshop and failed to attend without notifying the BroadE organizers

We offer our most popular workshops several times throughout the year. If you are not selected to attend a workshop the first time you register, we encourage you to apply for a future session. 


Upcoming Workshops

FireCloud Workshop for Analysts
FireCloud is a cloud-based, cancer genomics analysis platform with co-located TCGA data. Modeled after the Broad Institute’s Firehose analysis infrastructure, FireCloud democratizes data access and
facilitates collaboration by providing a robust, scalable platform accessible to the community at large. Using the elastic compute capacity of Google Cloud, FireCloud empowers analysts, tool developers, and production managers to perform large-scale analysis, engage in data curation, and store or publish results.

On FireCloud, users can upload their own analysis methods to workspaces or run the Broad Institute’s best practice tools and pipelines. FireCloud also includes tutorial workspaces as well as carefully curated open and controlled-access TCGA workspaces that users can clone.

The aim of this Workshop is to introduce analysts to the FireCloud environment via hands-on tutorials.

  December 5   Registration is closed
Broad Cancer Research Data Resources & Tools 101: An Introductory Symposium Sponsored by the Cancer Program and BroadE
This introductory symposium aims to offer any interested scientist a chance to get an understanding of the landscape of some of the tools, datasets, and resources available for cancer research at the Broad including Firecloud, TCGA data, Copy Number Portal, GTEx, CMap, CCLE, Achilles, and more. Currently, these topics are only systemically discussed together in the 'deep-dive' format of the two-week long annual Cancer Program Postdoc BootCamp.

Therefore, this BroadE provides an exciting opportunity for people to learn more about how and why these resources and datasets may be applicable to their own research. The session may also provide introductory information about how to access or get assistance using these resources. Attendees do not need computational experience. Additionally, subsequent BroadE workshops are being planned that will explore and demonstrate these individual tools and datasets in greater detail through hands-on training.

We encourage you to register to attend this new symposium sponsored and organized by BroadE and the Broad Cancer Program!

  December 14   Registration is closed
Primer on Medical and Population Genetics
The Primer on Medical and Population Genetics series includes informal discussions of basic topics relevant to medical and population genetics by speakers drawn from across the Broad community. The target audience includes technicians, grad students, postdocs, and established investigators just entering the field of complex trait genetics with the goal of bringing all up to speed on basic principles of human genetic variation, genotyping and sequencing methods, statistics, and analysis.

Please note: When the weekly MPG meeting is cancelled (due to weather, conflicting events, etc.), primers are also cancelled.

September - January

  No Registration Necessary