Office of Strategic Alliances and Partnering

Innovation and collaboration are key elements of the Broad’s mission to transform medicine and accelerate the understanding and treatment of disease. The mission of the Broad’s Office of Strategic Alliances and Partnering is to accelerate and expand the dissemination and translation of emerging knowledge and novel discoveries through strategic partnering, licensing, and new ventures.

The Broad’s break-through innovations include novel therapeutics, biomarkers, diagnostics, drug development technologies, analysis tools, and more. Our research areas span cancer, cardio-vascular disease, infectious diseases, inflammation and autoimmune disorders, metabolic diseases, neglected diseases, orphan diseases, and psychiatric diseases.

Types of Partnering

The Office of Strategic Alliances and Partnering is active in establishing meaningful partnerships ranging from broad-based research and technology collaborations to joint drug development programs, technology licensing, and sponsored research opportunities. The office can also help connect researchers outside of the Broad with groups and resources within the Institute.

Contact Us

If you have questions or would like more information about Broad partnerships, please email Strategic Alliances and Partnering at or contact one of our team members.