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Susanna M. Hamilton, Broad Institute Communications
News / 10.21.19
“Prime editing” combines two key proteins and a new RNA to make targeted insertions, deletions, and all possible single-letter changes in the DNA of human cellsRead more
Erik Jacobs
News / 10.18.19
The case for diverse genetic data, finding there's more to GIST than mutations, pooled perturbation screens go optical, and more.Read more
David Feldman
News / 10.17.19
New image-based genetic screening method helps researchers identify key regulators of inflammation.Read more
Erik Jacobs
News / 10.11.19
Cas13 as an antiviral, a peek into PTSD genetics, potential directions for IBD research, and more.Read more
Susanna M. Hamilton, Broad Communications
News / 10.10.19
Researchers harness Cas13 as an antiviral and diagnostic for RNA-based virusesRead more