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Zeng H, Huang J, Zhou H, et al. Nature Neuroscience. Online February 2, 2023. DOI:10.1038/s41593-022-01251-x.
News / 02.2.23
Study reveals key cell structures and gene expression changes near amyloid plaques and tau tangles in mouse brain tissue.Read more
Vladislav Pokatayev
News / 01.30.23
A close look at how the inflammatory bowel disease affects different organs could provide a roadmap for therapeutic development and personalized medicine.Read more
News / 01.18.23
Academic-industrial collaboration, now with 19 industry members, expands efforts to identify new cancer targets.Read more
News / 01.18.23
Large-scale Finnish biobank-based study discovers several new disease genes as well as insights into how known genetic factors affect diseaseRead more
News / 01.18.23
New results from the FinnGen consortium include previously unknown genetic risk factors for many debilitating diseases, potentially facilitating therapeutic developmentRead more