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Blog / 10.4.16
Zika genome data, together with related information about the samples, is being made freely available to the global scientific community to speed Zika research worldwide Read more
Blog / 09.13.16
Sequencing a human genome today costs roughly 0.0014% of what it was in 2001, and takes hours instead of years. Can sequencing still get cheaper and faster? And does it need to? Read more
Composite image courtesy of Lauren Solomon, Broad Communications. Naomi Habib's photo by Maria Nemchuk; Yinqing Li photo courtesy of the Zhang lab; neural stem cell image from Wikimedia.
Blog / 07.29.16
Naomi Habib and Yinqing Li, researchers from the labs of Broad core institute members Aviv Regev and Feng Zhang, report on a new contribution to the single-cell analysis toolkit. Their method combines the sequencing of RNA from isolated nuclei (sNuc-Seq), and tagging of regenerating cells (Div-Seq), to enable the study of previously intractable and rare cell types in the brain. Read more
Blog / 07.25.16
As genetic tests become more widely available and widely adopted, clinical genetics is facing a crisis of consensus. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Read more
Blog / 07.6.16
Researchers lack the cell line models they need to really dig into the biology of rare cancers. New efforts in in vitro modeling could change that. Read more