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Lauren Solomon, Broad Communications
Blog / 04.6.18
With new data from 23andMe and the UK Biobank, the GIANT Consortium is expanding opportunities to understand the genetics and biology of height and obesity.Read more
Blog / 03.29.18
In a #WhyIScience Q&A, a Broad research scientist describes the interdisciplinary nature of her work and what inspired her to pursue scienceRead more
Photo by Maria Nemchuk, Broad Communications.
Blog / 03.28.18
A microbial genomics expert talks about trends in her field, as well as her approach to mentorship and leadership, in a #WhyIScience Q&ARead more
Blog / 03.22.18
In a #WhyIScience Q&A, the director of the Broad’s Imaging Platform discusses her trailblazing work developing tools that analyze biological imagesRead more
Blog / 03.21.18
In a #WhyIScience Q&A, research associate Annie Apffel, from the Broad’s Proteomics Platform, explains her work in “interactomics” and talks about the value of mentors to emerging scientistsRead more