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News / 03.26.20
Facility now has capacity to process approximately 2,000 COVID-19 tests per day; Results returned in 24 hours on first day of processing, falling to an average 12-hour turnaround time from receipt.Read more
Erik Jacobs
News / 03.20.20
COVID-19 diagnostic testing, delivering small molecules to pancreatic beta cells, improved base editing, and profiling Cas9 variant specificity.Read more
News / 03.17.20
Broad researchers are contributing to Massachusetts’s COVID-19 diagnostic testing, developing new diagnostic technologies and data analysis tools, and generating new biological insights.Read more
Susanna M. Hamilton, Broad Communications
News / 03.16.20
A new adenine base editor expands the range of genetic sites that can be edited in human cells, with speed and efficiency far surpassing the original editor.Read more
News / 03.15.20
The recent coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak presents enormous challenges for global health. To aid the global effort, Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT, and our partner institutions have committed to freely providing information that may be helpful, including by sharing information that may be able to support the development of potential diagnostics.Read more