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Erik Jacobs
News / 06.14.19
A community approach to microbial engineering, a step-wise look at blood cell production, a computational view into matrix manufacture, and more.Read more
Emw, Wikipedia
News / 06.12.19
By introducing a gene variant associated with autism into monkeys, researchers hope to study treatment options for severe neurodevelopmental disorders.Read more
Fei Chen, Broad Institute
News / 06.11.19
Researchers identify and develop new CRISPR-associated transposase system for targeted integration of DNA, adding key capabilities to gene-editing technologyRead more
News / 06.10.19
The bacterium Ruminococcus gnavus produces an inflammatory polysaccharide that triggers an immune response during disease flare ups.Read more
Photo courtesy of Sergei Chumakov
News / 06.10.19
A chemist and molecular engineer, Wang develops and applies state-of-the art tools to understand how the brain worksRead more