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Malika Sud, Grace Burgin, and Moshe Biton
News / 07.25.19
Hundreds of thousands of colon cells offer new clues into what goes wrong in an inflammatory bowel disease and why some patients don’t respond to drugsRead more
News / 07.25.19
Researchers find that several genetic disorders, including MUC1 kidney disease, may share a novel molecular mechanism — and identify a promising therapeutic lead.Read more
Lauren Solomon
News / 07.23.19
Some of the same genes may be involved in different types of epilepsy, pointing the way to possible new treatmentsRead more
Chris Welch
Blog / 07.22.19
In a #WhyIScience Q&A, the Cancer Dependency Map project manager discusses how she has combined skills in communications, design, and biology to forge a unique career pathRead more
News / 07.18.19
New framework simplifies and accelerates access to CRISPR intellectual property for researchRead more