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Photo courtesy of Sergei Chumakov
News / 06.10.19
A chemist and molecular engineer, Wang develops and applies state-of-the art tools to understand how the brain worksRead more
Len Rubenstein
News / 06.7.19
A new genome editing approach comes to light, cancer mutations in normal cells come out of the dark, an encyclopedic resource for synapse biology appears, and more.Read more
Susanna M. Hamilton, Broad Communications
News / 06.6.19
Analyzing RNA sequencing data pinpoints ‘somatic clones,’ including some harboring cancer mutations, in many types of normal tissue.Read more
Susanna Hamilton, Broad Communications
News / 06.6.19
LIGER lets researchers combine datasets with greater precision, providing richer view of relationships between cellsRead more
Scott Sassone
News / 06.5.19
Reproducible, miniature 3D models of human brain tissues open up new frontiers in neuroscience.Read more