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News-in-brief / 04.13.17
Researchers, clinicians, patient advocates, and industry representatives gathered recently at the Broad Institute for the third annual Glom-NExT Symposium (Glom-NExT3), organized by institute member of the Broad, Anna Greka. With the goal of bringing stakeholders together to discuss advancing...Read more
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News-in-brief / 11.22.16
Genetics can predict some of your risk for heart disease, but lifestyle is important, too. A new study of 55,000 people found that favorable lifestyle habits can offset some of a person's genetic risk, reducing coronary events by half among those at high genetic risk.Read more
News-in-brief / 07.18.16
Screening chemical libraries in cells can take a year or more, slowing chemists’ access to biological data. Now researchers have found a way to screen newly synthesized compounds’ biological activity in close to real-time.Read more
News-in-brief / 06.23.16
Dr. Xavier and his colleagues followed 222 children who were genetically at risk of developing autoimmune diabetes. The newborns were equally divided among Finland, Russia and Estonia, where the prevalence of Type 1 diabetes is on the rise, but still well below Finland’s.Read more
News-in-brief / 05.28.16
Loss of pancreatic β-cells or their proper function is characteristic of type 1 and type 2 diabetes, so restoring functional β-cell mass has been a major therapeutic goal in the field. A team led by Bridget Wagner at the Broad Institute's Center for the Science of Therapeutics, working with Broad...Read more