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Image by Lauren Solomon, Broad Communications.
News / 10.18.16
Using technologies previously developed at the Broad, researchers have analyzed nearly all genetic variants in the oncogene MAPK1 /ERK2, revealing insights that could inform treatment. Read more
<i>Image by Lauren Solomon, Broad Communications</i>
Press releases / 10.13.16
An ambitious global initiative to create a Human Cell Atlas - a description of every cell in the human body as a reference map to accelerate progress in biomedical science - is being discussed at an International meeting in London this week. Ultimately, the Human Cell Atlas would revolutionise how doctors and researchers understand, diagnose and treat disease. Read more
Blog / 10.4.16
Zika genome data, together with related information about the samples, is being made freely available to the global scientific community to speed Zika research worldwide Read more
News / 09.29.16
We have barely begun to crack open the rulebook for the vast noncoding regions of the genome. Two new methods, building on CRISPR advances, may help reveal some of the pages. Read more
News / 09.29.16
Broad Chief Business Officer Issi Rosen outlines the ethical and safety concerns involved with the use of CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing technology in agriculture. Read more