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Susanna M. Hamilton and Lauren Solomon, Broad Communications
Blog / 02.16.17
Genetic predisposition to a higher waist-to-hip ratio, or “apple” body shape, contributes to development of type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease, according to an analysis of multiple genomics studies.Read more
Image by Broad Communications/iStockPhoto
BLOG / 02.14.17
Comparing list of suspect de novo mutations to ExAC reference exomes helps researchers refine the set of mutations thought to play a role in neurodevelopmental disordersRead more
Lauren Solomon, Broad Communications
BLOG / 02.1.17
International study of more than 700,000 people probes deeper into height than ever before.Read more
Lauren Solomon, Broad Communications
BLOG / 01.30.17
Broad researchers use a large-scale synthetic biology approach to explore how different genomic features affect enhancer function.Read more
Blog / 01.30.17
In response to President Trump’s Executive Order on immigration, Broad Institute president and director Eric Lander, along with the Executive Leadership Team sent the following message to the Broad community.Read more