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Len Rubenstein
News / 09.13.19
Agricultural antibiotics, the genetics of TB progression, liquid biopsies as windows into cancer resistance, and more.Read more
News / 09.9.19
A clinical study comparing liquid and tissue biopsies finds multiple resistance mechanisms in individual patients, which could explain why targeted therapies often fail.Read more
Erik Jacobs
News / 09.6.19
A gut bug catalog is compiled, the ancestral history of South Asia is analyzed, and a brain cancer project begins.Read more
News / 09.4.19
Patient-partnered initiative will allow anyone in the USA and Canada diagnosed with brain cancer to participateRead more
Len Rubenstein
News / 08.30.19
The complex genetics of same-sex sexual behavior, the "quiet" genome of a childhood cancer, and a metabolic angle on antibiotics' activity.Read more