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Zayna Sheikh
News / 12.6.22
Scientists link dozens of new genome sites to coronary artery disease risk and pioneer a powerful method for illuminating the biological roots of common disease.Read more
Victor Nauff annotates an MRI image. These annotations can be used to train machine learning models to recognize different structures of the heart automatically.
News / 12.1.22
A community of computer scientists and physician-scientists at Broad is applying computational approaches to patient data to gain new insights into heart disease.Read more
News / 11.29.22
Nominations are now open for the first award of the Richard N. Merkin Prize in Biomedical Technology, which recognizes novel technologies that have improved human health.Read more
Meredith Fedorovsky
News / 11.22.22
Researchers have engineered a family of adeno-associated viral vectors that cross the blood-brain barrier in primate models.Read more
Alex Ritter, Jennifer Lippincott Schwartz and Gillian Griffiths, National Institutes of Health
News / 11.21.22
Challenge participants will propose genetic changes to T cells that could make them better at killing cancer cells. The most promising submissions will be tested out in the lab.Read more