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Luke Funk
News / 11.7.22
Researchers harness new pooled, image-based screening method to probe the functions of over 5,000 genes that human cells require to surviveRead more
Ricardo Job-Reese, Broad Communications
News / 10.31.22
Researchers will analyze the DNA of tens of thousands of people from five countries in East and South Asia to find genetic markers for the psychiatric condition.Read more
Susanna Hamilton, Broad Communications
News / 10.27.22
Researchers have used the computational technique to identify millions of large structural variants and link them to health-related traits such as height, lipid levels, and bone density.Read more
Kyler Willey, Broad Communications
News / 10.27.22
A new technology called RADARS allows scientists to detect and target specific cell types, opening up potential applications in diagnostics and therapeutics.Read more
Ricardo Job-Reese and Susanna Hamilton, Broad Communications
News / 10.24.22
Some genetic variants near the MEF2C gene alter the activity of human neurons and contribute to neurodevelopmental disorders.Read more