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Susanna Hamilton, Broad Communications
Blog / 12.5.16
Science needs technology. Sometimes that technology has to be invented. That’s where the Broad Technology Labs come in. Read more
Colitis micrograph courtesy Nephron, Wikimedia Commons; peanuts courtesy Pexels
Blog / 12.2.16
Inspired by the Broad Institute’s Food Allergy Science Initiative, the annual two-day workshop at MGH’s Center for the Study of Inflammatory Bowel Disease this year brought together experts from around the world who are shedding light on food allergies. Read more
Image by Susanna M. Hamilton, Broad Communications
News / 11.30.16
Primed for self-destruction, testicular cancer cells become drug-resistant as they lose pluripotency factors Read more
Blog / 11.30.16
Corrie Painter, associate director of operations and scientific outreach at the Broad Institute and one of the creators of The Metastatic Breast Cancer Project, and Eliezer Van Allen, an oncologist at Dana Farber Cancer Institute and an associate member at Broad, discuss patient engagement, which is critical for advancing our understanding of both common and rare cancers and empowering people to get in the driver's seat of clinical research. Read more
Taibo Li, Lage lab/Lauren Solomon, Broad Communications
News / 11.28.16
InWeb_InBioMap brings together data on more than a half-million protein interactions to put genetic data into functional context and reveal promising pathways for further study. Read more