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News-in-brief / 05.18.16

Diverse drivers in lung cancer

By Broad Communications

A team led by Matthew Meyerson (Broad Institute, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute), Ramaswamy Govindan (Washington University School of Medicine), and first author Joshua Campbell (Broad, Dana-Farber) performed exome sequencing on hundreds of samples of two of the most common lung cancer types: lung adenocarcinoma and lung squamous cell carcinoma. Appearing in Nature Genetics, the work revealed that the two share only a handful of mutated genes, so targeted therapies must be tailored for each type. The analysis also found that in both cancer types, around half of tumors had several “neoepitopes” — bits of protein discoverable by the immune system — suggesting that immunotherapy approaches could be successful in many lung tumors. Read more in the ITMO University release and GenomeWeb.