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Erik Jacobs
News / 07.12.19
RESCUEing RNAs, exploiting bacterial appetites, delving into a cancer dependency map, and more.Read more
Stephen Dixon
News / 07.11.19
The new system, dubbed RESCUE, allows RNA edits to be made that were not previously possibleRead more
Susanna M. Hamilton
Blog / 07.10.19
Through the Broad’s Cancer Dependency Map, researchers are searching for genetic vulnerabilities in cancer cells that could lead the way to better precision drugs.Read more
Kelly Davidson
News / 06.28.19
Marathon microbes, a plant gene probe, catching cancer passengers, and more.Read more
Photo courtesy of Donald Raymond
Blog / 06.25.19
In a #WhyIScience Q&A, the research scientist explains how X-ray crystallography reveals the secrets of proteins and informs drug-related researchRead more