MITES of 2010

Participants in the Summer 2010 MITES program.

2010 MITES: Top row (left to right): Jeremy Kaplan, Saulo Mendoza, Jonathan Calderon, Bradley Jean-Baptiste, Elia Lopez
row (left to right): Khalil Griffin, Nicholas Bravo, Ayantu Regrasso, Hana Page, Tynesha Dias
row (left to right): Jessica Sandoval, Estefania Avila, Hilary Higgins, Priscilla Inoa, Odalmy Molina


Jeremy Kaplan, Chino Hills, CA - The Genomics elective was a great introduction to the study of genetic variation and disease. We were placed right at the middle of understanding how patient might have developed cancer through sequencing a few of her genes. It was definitely hard work, but rewarding. Not only have we learned about how far genomics has come and where it is to date, but we have also caught a glimpse of its future and the medical advances that could arise from its discoveries.

Saulo Mendoza, Los Angeles, CA - The Genomics elective has allowed me to understand aspects of cancer I never knew about.

Jonathan Calderon, Redwood City CA - I would describe the Genomics program to be an enlightening experience that has shown me how cancer develops and how individualized it can be. It has shown me that because cancers can differ on the molecular level it is necessary to treat each of them differently in order to treat them effectively.

Bradley Jean-Baptiste, North Miami, FL - Working at the Broad this summer as part of the Genomics elective was truly an opportunity of a lifetime. I was able to sequence DNA of cancer patients, meet many important people and explore possible careers in the exciting field of genomics. Best elective by far!

Elia Lopez, Edinburg, TX - The Genomics course has enabled us to delve into the cores of human structure as well as broaden our scope of understanding cancer.

Khalil Griffin, Maryland Heights, MO - The Genomics elective has been a valuable learning experience. Through its emphasis on working as a team to do research and present our findings in an understandable manner; it has increased my likelihood of becoming a successful research scientists in the future.

Nick Bravo,  Elk Grove, CA - The Genomics elective has been one of my favorite classes this summer. Working at the Broad is an amazing experience that I will never forget.

Hana Page,  Lakewood, WA - Through the Genomics course, I acquired a greater understanding of cancer research. It was fascination got learn about cutedge research being conducted at Broad and throughout the world. Also, Genomics gave me the opportunity to confirm my interest in becoming a biomedical researcher.

Hilary Higgins,  Miami, FL - The Genomics elective gives us a peek into the rapidly growing field of genomics; it gives us an opportunity to learn lab procedures, familiars ourselves with how to read scientific papers, and immerse ourselves into the world of research.

Odalmy Molina, Hialeah, FL - The Genomics course has been an eyeopening experience that has allowed me to see that the pursuit of medical research will bring me the greatest internal satisfaction. It has been a course that has honed my analytical skills and widened my spectrum of thought.

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