MITES of 2009

Participants in the 2009 MITES Program
2009 MITES, left to right: Michael Hernandez, Brianna Saddler, Iselee Hill, Fernando Rivera, Michael Beauboeuf, Gustavo Resendiz, Wilhemina Koomson, Robert Julien, Luis Mercedes, Cherish Connelly, Victoria Robles, Elizabeth Dunkel, Githui Maina, Brandy Briones


Michael Hernandez, South Gate, CA - "The genomics course was eye opening: it allowed me to directly experience and be a part of a new scientific field. I was and still am interested in chemical engineering, but biomedical engineering is also looking like a very good option."

Brianna Saddler, Jackson, MS - "Working at Broad alongside great scientists and doing groundbreaking research inspires me to pursue a career in the biological sciences."

Iselee Hill, Grand Prairie, TX - "During my time at Broad, I had the opportunity to work with great scientists and teammates. My favorite part of the genomics experience was analyzing my data with Sequencher. The genomics program has allowed me the opportunity to explore the intricacies of genetics and has given me a new appreciation for the biological sciences."

Fernando Rivera, San Juan, PR - "After my experience in genomics, I would like to say that my interest in the field has increased and my eyes have been opened to a wide range of opportunities I did not have access to back home and never knew existed. Cancer and genetic disease research are now appealing to me and could certainly be a part of my future plans."

Michael Beauboeuf, Medford, MA - "Being exposed to the lab environment and participating in the research project has intensified my affinity for biology and has given me a reason to consider research in the biological sciences as a potential career path."

Gustavo Resendiz, Houston, TX - "The genomics elective has broadened my career path, and I have gained newfound respesct for people work in the field of biology."

Wilhemina Koomson, Cleveland, OH - "Participating in this genomics course has confirmed my future goals of doing scientific research. I came into this program with limited experience in research and genomics. I am, however, leaving this program with a greater breath of knowledge."

Robert Julien, Hialeah, FL - "I have enjoyed many aspects of the genomics program and I have constantly found myself asking questions about the particular biochemical pathways involved in cancer. The genomics program was a great opportunity for me to interact with scientists and has given me another reason to consider one of the biological sciences as a possible major in college."

Luis Mercedes, Bronx, NY - "The genomics program was an interesting experience for me. I have definitely decided that I would like to major in one of the biological sciences in college."

Cherish Connelly, Shreveport, LA - "I think that MIT would be a fantastic place to pursue my career goals as well as to gain a deeper understanding of research science. Through the genomics program, I have become a lot more interested in biology and the study of genomics."

Victoria Robles, Nogalez, AZ - "I knew the Genomics course was for me from the moment I read the description. It has been an amazing experience that I will forever remember as the best summer of my adolescent life. One day I hope to return to the Broad to expand on what I have achieved this summer."

Elizabeth Dunkel, Berwyn, PA - "The lab experience at Broad, the opportunity to work with scientists making breakthroughs in the field of genomics, and my own hands on experience has intensified my interest in the biological sciences."

Githui Maina, Manhattan, New York - "The genomics elective was very intense, but I learned a lot from being a part of it. I have wanted to be a scientist for a very long time and being able to work at a phenomenal institute like the Broad was a dream come true. In addition, I gained invaluable skills and have been opened up to a scientific field which I previously did not know existed."

Brandy Briones, New Orleans, LA - "After having participated in the genomics elective at Broad Institute, I realized that I want to study molecular biology. The whole of the human body amazes me and the genomics program just blew me away. I think that my experience at the Broad and my participation in the genomics program gave me a new insight into the intricacies of cancer."

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