MITES of 2007

Frank Alfaro
Brady, TX - "The MITES program provided me the opportunity to learn about a new and stimulating field of science at the Broad Institute. Genomics is definitely a field that I am interested in pursuing. I know that I will never forget the experiences and memories that I have gained at the Broad."

Seth Booth
Tuttle, OK -"My experience at the Broad, along with the lecture by Eric Lander, has influenced me to pursue a career in genomics. My time here has been amazing, the teaching assistants are awesome, and I have a new passion for something that I probably would never have found had I not come here."

Kerry Ann Box
Wichita, KS - "Working at the Broad this summer has been a huge opportunity that opened my eyes to the world of biology and genomics, bringing to life all the things that we learned about in biology. I'm so glad I got this amazing opportunity!"

Eric Delgado
Bayonne, NJ -"This summer has given me insight into genomics and its applications to our world. I have a new appreciation of the teamwork that makes scientific endeavors successful. My time at Broad has allowed me to explore the captivating area of genomics and I am now considering a career in this field."

Chidinma Egbukichi
Portland, OR - "At the Broad, I enjoyed doing real research in genomics. Working at the Broad has influenced my ideas about the future by giving me valuable research experience."

Rosa Hernandez
South Gate, CA - "I thought it would have been impossible for me to experience what I have at the Broad. All of the labs and lectures from the speakers were exciting and exceptionally insightful. My experience at the Broad has further sparked my interest into the fields of medicine and biology."

Jacqueline Söegaard
San Juan, Puerto Rico - "This summer has shown me the importance of making the most of any available learning opportunities. Only by embracing the challenge of working at the Broad did I learn of the significant developments underway in the field of genomics. This program helped me discover my interest in a career in biology and genetics."

Steven Garza
Edinburg, TX - "Growing up I wanted to work in a lab, and this program has given me a taste of what that’s like. I am eager to pursue science and learn more about genomics and biological engineering."

Shamarah Hernandez
Altamonte Springs, FL -"The genomics course at the Broad Institute was by far one of the coolest things about the MITES program. We learned so much about working in a lab and even more about working and learning as a team. Everyone at the Broad was so willing to help us truly understand the biology behind the lab work. I loved it and I would do it again in a heartbeat!"

Leyssa Jean-Baptiste
Pembroke Pines, FL -"Working at the Broad has opened my eyes to genomics research. I have learned that research in genomics is not limited to biology majors; I can major in mathematics and still contribute to genomics research."

Evan Kendall
Buffalo, NY - "This summer, I had the chance to work with intelligent, knowledgeable people who truly love what they do. My time at the Broad has influenced my career goals substantially."

Stefania Lee
Killona, LA - "My MITES experience was beyond influential. Spending the summer at MIT has opened my eyes to new possibilities and working at the Broad has amplified my passion for lab research. Wearing a lab coat gave me the rewarding sensation that the work being done is helping people, and I hope to continue this work in my future career."

Calvin Lewis
Apache Junction, AZ - "I really enjoyed the opportunity to participate in things I’ve only read about, like PCR. Working at the Broad has inspired me to pursue my interest in biological science."

Lisette Lopez
Inglewood, CA - "The MITES program was a unique experience that I am grateful for having. After hearing Dr. Eric Lander speak at the Broad, I believe that genomics is an area of science that still has many more discoveries to make. I now feel that in the future I might want to take part in those discoveries."

Jancarlo Perez
Miami, FL - "Working at the Broad Institute has given me valuable and enriching insight into the field of genomics. Through my work this summer, I have become an avid pursuer of knowledge. My experience in the MITES program and at the Broad has been a life-changing experience."

Gabriella de Paz
Alachua, FL - "The most valuable thing I learned this summer was the astounding potential of science. My experiences at the Broad have taught me that the sky's the limit in the world of science, and it's exciting to think that I can be a part of that."


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