Next-Generation Sequencing Workshop Materials

On February 4, 2010, the Broad Institute hosted a workshop on the analysis and visualization of next-generation sequencing data. Researchers from the Broad Institute presented case-based tutorials on a variety of topics. Slides and videos from these presentations are now available for download and viewing.

NGS Project Management Carrie Sougnez PDF Video
MAQ/BWA Heng Li PDF Video
The Picard Pipeline Tim Fennell PDF Video
Quality Score Recalibration Ryan Poplin PDF Video
Quality Assessment of Hybrid Selection Experiments Kristian Cibulskis
Andrew Kernytsky
PDF Video
Indel Cleaning and Calling Andrey Sivachenko PDF Video
SNP Calling Mark DePristo PDF Video
Quality Assessment of SNP Calls Kiran Garimella PDF Video
Pooled SNP Calling Jason Flannick PDF Video
Visualizing NGS with IGV Jim Robinson PDF Video