Next-Generation Sequencing Workshop Materials

On February 17, 2011, the Broad Institute hosted a workshop that offered an in-depth look at next-generation sequencing. Entitled “Discovery, genotyping, and analysis of SNPS, Indels, and CNVs,” the workshop featured case-based tutorials by Broad researchers. Slides from these presentations are now available for download.

Overview Mark DePristo PDF
Mapping, Alignment, SNP Calling Heng Li PDF
SNP Calling and Error Modeling Ryan Poplin PDF
Indel Calling Pipeline in the GATK Guillermo del Angel PDF
Read-Backed Haplotype Phasing Menachem Fromer PDF
Discovering and Genotyping Deletions Using GenomeSTRiP Bob Handsaker PDF
The Picard Pipelines Tim Fennell PDF
QPipeline: Variant Calling Pipeline for Custom-Target, Exome, and Deep Whole-Genomes Kiran Garimella PDF
GATK-Queue: Command-line Job Manager and Scripting Framework for Multi-Stage Genomic Analysis Khalid Shakir PDF
PLINK/Seq Analysis of Genetic Variation Data from Large-Scale, Population-Based Medical Sequencing Studies Shaun Purcell PDF