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Mouse Mutant Online Application

Principal Investigator Information
Mutant Information
(e.g. embyronic lethal, deafness, etc.)
(1-2 paragraphs; list any publications that may describe the mutant or how it was isolated)
(e.g. ENU-induced, spontaneous, strain difference, etc.)
Briefly describe the mapping strategy used to identify the critical region (e.g. F2, backcross, congenic, etc.)
(i.e., the critical region): What loci define the proximal and distal boundaries of the critical region? Do NOT simply list genome coordinates. If the loci (Mit markers; SNPs; etc.) are NOT in public databases, then provide their sequences. Attach a spreadsheet or figure summarizing the genotyping data of progeny with respect to the chromosomal region of interest. Use mm9 (Build 37) for genomic coordinates.
Briefly outline plan for pre-publication submission to public repository; e.g. the Mutant Mouse Regional Resource Centers (