ML4H Publications


DropFuse: A Cross-Modal Autoencoder Framework Learns Holistic Representations of Cardiovascular State
Nature Communications
A. Radhakrishnan, S. F. Friedman, S. Khurshid, K. Ng, P. Batra, S. Lubitz, A. Philippakis, C. Uhler

Clinical and Genetic Associations of Deep Learning-Derived Cardiac Magnetic Resonance-Based Left Ventricular Mass
Nature Communications
S. Khurshid, J. Lazarte, J.P. Pirruccello, L.-C. Weng, S. H. Choi, A. W. Hall, X. Wang, S. F. Friedman, V. Nauffal, K. J. Biddinger, K. G. Aragam, P. Batra, J. E. Ho, A. A. Philippakis, P. T. Ellinor & S. A. Lubitz

Artificial Intelligence Enabled Classification of Hypertrophic Heart Diseases Using Electrocardiograms
Cardiovascular Digital Health Journal
J. S. Haimovich, N. Diamant, S. Khurshid, P. D. Achille, C. Reeder, S. Friedman, P. Singh, W. Spurlock, P. T. Ellinor, A. Philippakis, P. Batra, J. E. Ho, S. A. Lubitz

Natural Language Processing for Adjudication of Heart Failure in the Electronic Health Record
JACC: Heart Failure
J. W. Cunningham, P. Singh, C. Reeder, E. S. Lau, S. Khurshid, X. Wang, P. T. Ellinor, S. A. Lubitz, P. Batra, and J. E. Ho

One clinician is all you need: Data-Efficient NLP Measurement Extraction from Cardiac MRI Reports
JMIR Medical Informatics
P Singh, J Haimovich, C Reeder, S Khurshid, ES Lau, JW Cunningham, A Philippakis, CD Anderson, JE Ho, SA Lubitz, P Batra

Deep learning on resting electrocardiogram to identify impaired heart rate recovery, 
Cardiovascular Digital Health Journal
N. Diamant, P. Di Achille, L-C Weng, E. S Lau, S. Khurshid, S. Friedman, C. r Reeder, P. Singh, X. Wang, G. Sarma, M. Ghadessi, J. Mielke, E. Elci, I. Kryukov, H. M Eilken, A. Derix, P.T Ellinor, C. D Anderson, A. A Philippakis, P. Batra, S. A Lubitz, J. E Ho


D. E. Schlesinger, N. Diamant, A. Raghu, E. Reinertsen, K. Young, P. Batra, E. Pomerantsev, and C. M. Stultz. 
Estimating body fat distribution - a driver of cardiometabolic health - from silhouette images
npj - digital medicine
M. D.R. Klarqvist, S. Agrawal, N. Diamant, P. T. Ellinor, A. Philippakis, K. Ng, P. Batra, and A. V. Khera. 
S. Khurshid, S. Friedman, C. Reeder, P. Di Achille, N. Diamant, P. Singh, Lia X. Harrington, X. Wang, M. A. Al-Alusi, G. Sarma, A. S. Foulkes, P. T. Ellinor, C. D. Anderson, J. E. Ho, A. A. Philippakis, P. Batra, and S. A. Lubitz.
J. P. Pirruccello, M. D. Chaffin, E. L. Chou, S. J. Fleming, Honghuang Lin, M. Nekoui, S. Khurshid, S. F. Friedman, A. G. Bick, Alessandro Arduini, L-C Weng, S. H. Choi, A-D Akkad, P. Batra, N. R. Tucker, A. W. Hall, C. Roselli, E. J. Benjamin, S. K. Vellarikkal, Rajat M. Gupta, C. M. Stegmann, D. Juric, J. R. Stone, R. S. Vasan, J. E. Ho, U. Hoffmann, S.  A. Lubitz, A.  A. Philippakis, M. E. Lindsay, and P. T. Ellinor. 
Patient contrastive learning: A performant, expressive, and practical approach to electrocardiogram modeling,
PLOS Computational Biology 
N. Diamant, E. Reinertsen, S. Song, A. D. Aguirre, C. M. Stultz, and P. Batra. 


Circulation: Cardiovascular Imaging
Shaan Khurshid, Samuel Friedman, James P. Pirruccello, Paolo Di Achille, Nathaniel Diamant, Christopher D. Anderson, Patrick T. Ellinor, Puneet Batra, Jennifer E. Ho, Anthony A. Philippakis, and Steven A. Lubitz. 
Shaan Khurshid, Samuel Freesun Friedman, James P. Pirruccello, Paolo Di Achille, Nathaniel Diamant, Christopher D. Anderson, Patrick T. Ellinor, Puneet Batra, Jennifer E. Ho, Anthony A. Philippakis, and Steven A. Lubitz. 
Cohort Design and Natural Language Processing to Reduce Bias in Electronic Health Records Research: The Community Care Cohort Project
npj - digital medicine
S. Khurshid, C. Reeder, L. X. Harrington, P. Singh, G. Sarma, S. F. Friedman, P. Di Achille, N. Diamant, J. W. Cunningham, A. C. Turner, E. S. Lau, J. S. Haimovich, M. A. Al-Alusi, X. Wang, M. D. R. Klarqvist, J. M. Ashburner, C. Diedrich, M. Ghadessi, J. Mielke, H. M. Eilken, A. McElhinney, A. Derix, S. J. Atlas, P. T. Ellinor, A. A. Philippakis, C. D. Anderson, J. E. Ho, P. Batra, and S. A. Lubitz. 
Machine learning enables new insights into genetic contributions to liver fat accumulation
Cell Genomics
M. E. Haas, J. P. Pirruccello, S. N. Friedman, M. Wang, C. A. Emdin, V. H. Ajmera, T. G. Simon, J. R. Homburger, X. Guo, M. Budoff, K. E. Corey, A. Y. Zhou, A. Philippakis, P. T. Ellinor, R. Loomba, P. Batra, and A. V. Khera.
S. Agrawal, M. D.R. Klarqvist, C. Emdin, A. P. Patel, M. D. Paranjpe, P. T. Ellinor, A. Philippakis, K. Ng, P. Batra, and A. V. Khera.
J. W. Cunningham, P. D. Achille, V. N. Morrill, L.-C. Weng, S. H. Choi, S. Khurshid, V. Nauffal, J. P Pirruccello, S. D. Solomon, P. Batra, J. E. Ho, A. A. Philippakis, P. T. Ellinor, and S. A. Lubitz. 


Analysis of cardiac magnetic resonance imaging in 36,000 individuals yields genetic insights into dilated cardiomyopathy
Nature Communications
J. P. Pirruccello, A. Bick, M. Wang, M. Chaffin, S. Friedman, J. Yao, X. Guo, B. A. Venkatesh, K. D. Taylor, W. S. Post, S. Rich, J. A. C. Lima, J. I. Rotter, A. Philippakis, S. A. Lubitz, P. T. Ellinor, A. V. Khera, S. Kathiresan, and K. G. Aragam