The Broad Institute is organized around a new collaborative model for biomedical research. It brings together scientists from across institutions and across scientific disciplines. It involves faculty from across Harvard, MIT, and Harvard-affiliated hospital and teams of professional scientists, working in close collaboration with a talented administrative team.

The Broad faculty are all faculty members at MIT, Harvard or one of the Harvard-affiliated hospitals. They are full citizens of their home institutions – including having full teaching and other responsibilities. The Broad faculty consists of Institute Members and Associate Members.

The Broad’s professional scientists bring extensive expertise from academia and industry. There are currently more than 650 professional scientists. The group includes 27 Institute Scientists, who play special roles in connecting and stewarding the Broad community.

In addition to faculty laboratories, Broad has Programs and Platforms – led by faculty and/or professional scientists – that nucleate scientific communities and collaboratively undertake challenging projects that could not be done within a single research laboratory.

The unique cross-institutional and cross-disciplinary culture of the Broad Institute requires an institutional leadership team committed to empowering individual scientists to work individually and together to accelerate biomedical progress.

In addition to internal leadership, Broad benefits from the stewardship and commitment of a world-class Board of Directors and Board of Scientific Counselors.