Klarman Cell Observatory Team

The KCO team, led by Ramnik Xavier, consists of scientists at all stages of their careers – from trainees to staff scientists – and an extensive network of collaborators in the Boston area and beyond.



Andrew Aguirre | Broad Institute; DFCI
Ana Anderson | Broad Institute; BWH
Kristin Ardlie | Broad Institute
Paola Arlotta | Broad Institute; Harvard University
David Artis | Weill Cornell Medical School
Christoph Benoist | Harvard Medical School
Jesse Boehm | Broad Institute
Joan Brugge | Harvard Medical School
Raphael Bueno | BWH
Paul Blainey | Broad Institute; MIT
Bradley Bernstein | Epigenomics Program, Broad Institute; MGH; HHMI
Ed Boyden | Broad Institute; MIT
Fei Chen | Broad Institute; BWH
Natalie Collins | DFCI
Richard Flavell | Yale University
Mariella Filbin | Broad Institute; DFCI
Wendy Garrett | HSPH
Raif Geha | Boston Children’s
Laurie Glimcher | DFCI
Anna Greka | Broad Institute
Nir Hacohen | Cell Circuits Program, Broad Institute; MGH
Stephan Hodi | DFCI
Aaron Hata | MGH
Ben Izar | DFCI
Tyler Jacks | Koch Institute, MIT; HHMI
Bruce Johnson | DFCI
Cigall Kadoch | Broad Institute; DFCI
Vijay Kuchroo | Cell Circuits Program, Broad Institute; BWH
Evan Macosko | Stanley Center, Broad Institute
Marcela Maus | Broad Institute; MGH
Ruslan Medzhitov | Yale University
Nikhil Munshi | DFCI
Garry Nolan | Stanford
Jay Rajagopal | Broad Institute; MGH
Scott Rodig | BWH
Charles Rudin | Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Vijay Sankaran | Broad Institute; DFCI, Boston Children’s
Joshua Sanes | Harvard University
Michal Schwartz | Weizmann Institute
Alexander Schier | Cell Circuits Program, Broad Institute; Harvard University
Alex Shalek | Cell Circuits Program, Broad Institute; Ragon Institute; MIT
Elizabeth Stover | DFCI
Mario Suva | Epigenomics Program, Broad Institute; MGH
Charles Swanton | Francis Crick Institute
Eliezer Van Allen | Cancer Program, Broad Institute; DFCI
Paquita Vasquez | Broad Institute
Nikhil Wagle | Cancer Program, Broad Institute; DFCI
Robert Weinberg | Whitehead Institute; MIT
Kai Wucherpfennig | DFCI
Omer Yilmaz | Koch Institute, MIT
Nir Yosef | Broad Institute; UC Berkeley
Feng Zhang | Stanley Center, Broad Institute; MIT
Xiaowei Zhuang | Harvard University


Photo credit: Danielle Mehler

Photo credit: Danielle Mehler

Photo credit: Julianna Sohn