Collaborative Projects

Collaborative Projects, funded by the Broad-ISF Partnership, unite scientists from different areas of expertise at the Broad and at Israeli institutions to pursue multi-year, multi-investigator, and multi-institute efforts to promote interdisciplinary collaborations and engage in transformative, novel and groundbreaking projects that may often be high risk but with significant potential for impact.

With this new focus, we aim to increase the impact, power, and scale of high-quality projects that require longer timelines. We also seek to recruit leaders and experts who have the ability to solve complex problems in biomedicine — especially those problems served by the unique talents of Israeli scientists and the unique resources (e.g., EMRs, diverse ethnic backgrounds) in Israel. Additionally, we hope to engage with a broader pool of Israeli talent.

Awardees, 2018 – 2019


  • Yonina Eldar (Weizmann Institute of Science) and Samouil Farhi (Broad Institute): “Accelerating tissue structure mapping through compressed sensing”
  • Itay Tirosh (Weizmann Institute of Science) and Mario Suva (Massachusetts General Hospital and Broad Institute): “Integrating cellular state and plasticity into glioblastoma therapeutics”
  • Gali Pariente (Ben-Gurion University), Moran Yassour (Hebrew University), and Ramnik Xavier (Broad Institute): “The specialization of the infant gut microbiome — a trans continents comparison”
  • Roy Kishony (Technion) and Debora S.Marks (Harvard Medical School and Broad Institute): “Antibiotic resistance mutations within their epistatic landscape”


  • Nissan Yissachar  (Bar-Ilan University), Shalev Itzkovitz  (Weizmann Institute of Science), Christophe Benoist (Harvard Medical School and Broad Institute), and Diane Mathis  (Harvard Medical School and Broad Institute): “Exploring spatial and temporal dynamics of the neuro-immune-microbiome interactions triangle in inflammatory bowel diseases”
  • Ohad Gal Mor (Chaim Sheba Medical Center and Tel Aviv University), Jonathan Livny (Broad Institute), and Ashlee Earl (Broad Institute): “Salmonella adaptations and host responses leading to long-term persistence in humans”
  • Nir Friedman (Hebrew University), Sagiv Shifman (Hebrew University), and Cigall Kadoch, (Broad Institute): “Dynamics and combinatorics of chromatin remodelers in health and disease”
  • Ittai Ben-Porath (Hebrew University), Oren Parnas (Hebrew University), and Raul Mostoslavsky (Massachusetts General Hospital and Broad Institute): “Heterogeneity in the tumor and its microenvironment as a driving force in pancreatic cancer — the roles of senescent cells”
  • Hila May (Tel Aviv University), Israel Hershkovitz (Tel Aviv University), Gideon Avni (Israel Antiquities Authority), and David Reich (Harvard Medical School and Broad Institute): “Ancient DNA as a lens for understanding the ancient people of the Levant”

Information about projects funded during the first phase of the Broad-ISF partnership (2012-2017) is available here.