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Past Programs

Between 2007 and 2012, thousands of students and hundreds of teachers have visited the Broad for activities ranging from visits to the DNAtrium, tours of the Broad Institute, conversations with Broad scientists, and a variety of hands-on research experiences. Two programs involved high school students in original research: the summer internship program and the semester-long research projects.

Summer Internship
The Summer Internship Program that ran from 2007 through 2012 is no longer offered. For information on the current Broad Summer Scholars Program, click here. To learn more about our Summer Internship Alumni and the research they conducted while working one-on-one with Broad scientific mentors, browse the links in the sidebar of this page.

Semester-long Research Projects
Each semester between Fall 2007 and Fall 2011, groups of approximately 15 high school students were invited to the Broad Institute for eight Saturday sessions to work together on a semester-long research project. The students isolated, characterized, and identified environmental microbes using a combination of microbiology, molecular biology, and genomics techniques. To learn more about Research Project alumni, browse the links in the sidebar of this page.