Embargo Policy

Embargo List Eligibility

The Broad Institute shares embargoed press releases with approved journalists through a mailing list. This list is strictly for credentialed journalists who have a proven track record and currently write for publications that adhere to all the rules set forth by scientific journals, including embargoes. If you are an eligible journalist and would like to be added to this list, please contact communications@broadinstitute.org. We may ask for recent clips written under embargo about peer-reviewed journal articles if we have not worked with you directly before. (We do this out of respect to the journals and our scientists — embargo breaks can jeopardize important relationships between these parties.)

Conditions of the Embargo Policy

Subscribers to the journalist mailing list must adhere to the following embargo policy:

  1. Embargo time: Journalists must not make embargoed information public in any format, including print media, television, radio, or via the Internet, before the date and time specified by the Broad Institute. Precise embargo dates accompany all advanced materials.
  2. Sharing embargoed information: Journalists may not redistribute embargoed information within or outside their news organization with the following exception: sharing embargoed papers with experts in the field for the purpose of obtaining relevant commentary. These materials must be clearly labeled with the embargo date and time, and journalists are responsible for ensuring that all third parties honor the embargo date.
  3. Supporting materials: Supporting materials and multimedia provided by the Broad Institute, such as images, logo, audio, and video, must be credited to the appropriate source. These materials may not be used to illustrate stories unrelated to the Broad Institute without permission.
  4. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in revocation of access to all future embargoed material from the Broad Institute.