Institutional leadership

View of the Broad Discovery Center

Message from Todd Golub, Institute Director:

Todd Golub
Credit: Juliana Sohn

The Broad Institute’s strength comes from our people. We call ourselves “Broadies” – a unique, collaborative community on a shared mission to improve human health. Our diverse groups of scientists and other team members are based at the Broad Institute and across our partner institutions, and include professional scientists, fellows, early-career scientists, and members of our administrative team. We rely on the insight and advice from across our ecosystem - from our board of directors, our founding director, the executive leadership team, board of scientific counselors, core and institute members, institute scientists, administrative leaders, and each and every Broadie who contributes daily to fulfilling our scientific mission.

Meet the team of exemplary leaders who I am privileged to work alongside every day:


Board of Directors

Board members include representatives from our partner institutions and other world-class leaders from science, education, and business. These individuals serve as stewards of the institute, helping ensure it fulfills its mission to transform medicine.

Founding Director

As founding director, Eric S. Lander plays a leading role in shaping the conception, development, distillation, and execution of Broad’s scientific directions to drive the Broad community’s shared impact. He also serves as a key mentor and strategist to Broad’s scientific community and administrative leadership, especially around issues of major strategic and scientific importance.

Executive Leadership Team

This team shares expertise across scientific, academic, and administrative disciplines to set strategy and guide operations of the institute. Our collaborative structure encourages scientists and administrators to pursue bold new ideas together.

Scientific Leadership Team

This team of scientists stewards the Broad’s scientific vision, directions, and execution. The SLT identifies promising directions, gathers perspectives, and develops plans for consideration by the Broad community.

Core and Institute Members

Broad’s faculty are faculty members of MIT, Harvard or one of the Harvard-affiliated hospitals. They are full citizens of their home institutions – including having full teaching and other responsibilities. Institute Members are deeply engaged in the intellectual life of Broad and are responsible for setting its scientific direction.

Institute Scientists

Broad’s institute scientists play a key role in catalyzing scientific connections across the Broad community and beyond; engaging in key institutional issues, developments and decisions, including shaping scientific priorities; fostering the continual renewal of the Broad community by recruiting, mentoring and supporting a new generation of young scientists; and strengthening the Broad community.


Our administrative team works in close partnership with our scientists to advance Broad's mission through innovation, discipline, and agility.

Board of Scientific Counselors

Members review the institute's scientific progress and provide advice on future scientific directions.