The Broad Institute-OpenBiome Microbiome Library

The BIO-ML is a comprehensive biobank of human gut bacteria: a library of 7,758 bacterial isolates with 3,632 paired genome sequences. This library covers most of the phylogenetic diversity found in the gut of OpenBiome FMT donors, contains extensive strain diversity, and is available to the research community. 

A high resolution multi-omic database containing longitudinal 16S, metagenomic and metabolomic data provides an additional layer of context to the BIO-ML gut bacterial isolates and genomes. Original isolates and genome sequences can be found in the following publication: Poyet, M., Groussin, M., Gibbons, S.M. et al. A library of human gut bacterial isolates paired with longitudinal multiomics data enables mechanistic microbiome research. Nat Med 25, 1442–1452 (2019).


Our Diversity Box contains bacterial isolates belonging to 96 species (1 strain from each species). 

$5,000 / box

You can purchase a single strain from the diversity box list.

$250 / strain

Contact us to purchase individual strains not from the diveristy box (Personalized Strain Request).

$450 / strain


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