Charles Sawyers

Chairman, Human Oncology and Pathogenesis Program, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Charles Sawyers studies the signaling pathways that drive tumor growth in various types of cancers, including chronic myeloid leukemia, prostate cancer and glioblastoma. He has a particular interest in matching molecularly-targeted interventions with identified patient subgroups to enhance the efficacy and efficiency of the clinical trial process and overall patient treatment. He currently serves as Chairman of the Human Oncology and Pathogenesis Program at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. He is also an investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. An author of more than 40 clinical publications in oncology, he is a recipient of numerous professional awards and honors. His most recent honor is election to the National Academy of Science in 2010.

Dr. Charles Sawyers earned his undergraduate degree from Princeton University and an M.D. from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.