Before taking this tour, both Java and Haploview must be installed on your computer.

Java Runtime Environment


You may find information and download links for the most recent JRE at:


NOTE: Haploview is designed to work with JRE v1.4 or later. It is strongly recommended, however, that you download and install the latest version of the JRE available for your operating system. Sun is constantly improving Java and (more importantly) fixing bugs that crop up.


Please check the download page for more info.The following files will be used during this tutorial; If you did not use the automated installers, you will need to download them now.



a linkage format file containing genotype information for 20 markers across 40 trios (120 total individuals) as well as some relevant family information.


an info file containing the names of the markers and their positions.

Both of these files are excerpted from the IBD 5q31 region described by Rioux et al.

Only after the software is installed and these files are available should you continue on to the next page of the tutorial. If you have problems running our software, check the documentation first, and then contact us if you still are having trouble.