Export Options

Export Options

The "Export Options" item in the File Menu allows adjustment of several parameters and allows the user to save any tab without having to switch to it. Specifically, the LD tab allow the markers to be filtered to output only some of the markers:


The default setting (and only one available for most tabs) is to use all the markers.

Marker Range

Generates the LD text or PNG file for only a specific range of markers.

Adjacent Markers

Generates the LD text file for only adjacent markers. This can be useful to view the T-int stat, which measures LD information content in the gaps between markers.

There is also an option to generate a "compressed" LD PNG, which is useful for very large datasets. The image is shrunk to an arbitrary zoom level which allows Haploview to save the PNG with minimal memory usage. Images can also be exported as high quality SVG files for use in publication. Please note that SVG images are quite large and may require a large amount of memory.