Group Members

Current Members and Projects

Paul A Clemons
Director, Computational Chemical Biology Research

Amrita Basu, PhD
Postdoctoral Associate
PhD, Computational Biology, Rockefeller University, 2010
BS, Electrical Engineering, Cornell University, 1999

Modeling cellular small-molecule sensitivity profiles using genetic and gene-expression data
Global analysis of small-molecule classes using gene-expression readouts
Bioinformatic analysis of small molecules targeting chromatin-modifying enzymes

Nicole E Bodycombe
Senior Bioinformatics Analyst
MS, Bioinformatics, Boston University, 2005
BS, Biochemistry, Virginia Tech, 2003

Analysis of high-throughput cellular small-molecule sensitivity profiles
Integrative analysis of small-molecule profiling data using multiple lines of evidence

Vlado Dancik, PhD
Computational Chemical Biologist
Senior Scientist, PrimeraDX, Mansfield MA, 2007-2009
Senior Scientist, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge MA, 1998-2006
Postdoctoral Fellow, Computational Biology, University of Southern California, Los Angeles CA, 1995-1997
Mathematical Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Kosice, since 1989
PhD, Computer Science, University of Warwick, Coventry UK, 1994
RNDr, Mathematics, Safarik University, Kosice, Slovakia, 1988

Novel analysis methods for small-molecule assay-performance profiles
Computational methods to identify small-molecule targets and study mechanism of action
Integrative analysis of small-molecule profiling data using multiple lines of evidence

Kejie Li, PhD
Postdoctoral Associate
PhD, Computational Biology, Purdue University, 2011
BS, Biological Sciences, Sichuan University, Chengdu, China 2004

Methods to enrich assay performance profiles with chemical information or by cross-referencing different profiles

Mathias Wawer, PhD
Postdoctoral Associate
PhD, Computational Life Sciences, University of Bonn, Germany, 2011
Diploma, Molecular Biomedicine, University of Bonn, Germany, 2008

Integrative analysis of small-molecule structures and assay-performance profiles
Cheminformatic analysis of small-molecule libraries

Past Members

Diego Borges-Rivera
Hyman Carrinski

Elton F. Dean III
Joshua J. Forman
Isaac Joseph
Joshua C. Gilbert

Julie Gorenstein
Mary Pat Happ
Taner Kaya

Andrew Lach
Julia O. Lamenzo
Chia-Hung Liu
Sandrine Muller
James Ortega

Eun-Ang Raiber
Karen Rose
Kathleen Seiler 
S. Joshua Swamidass
Kraig Theriault
Brian Weiner
J. Anthony Wilson