TB-ARC Project (Tuberculosis Antibiotic Resistance Catalog Project)

The TB-ARC project is a massive international collaboration, bringing together researchers and data from several continents from across the globe.  In an effort to identify the full complement of naturally occurring mutations responsible for drug resistance in clinical Mycobacterium tuberculosis, we sequenced over 1,800 geographically and phenotypically diverse isolates that have been quantitatively characterized for their resistance to a broad spectrum of first and second line antibiotics.  We identified, and experimentally validated, novel mutations (and mutation combinations) that explain previously unexplained, low frequency resistance to first and second line drugs, including cycloserine.  We have also shown that, in some countries where drug resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB) is epidemic, resistance emerged at the very beginning of the antibiotic era and that these early mutations have persisted for decades within M. tuberculosis populations and now account for a large fraction of today's DR-TB.

Download TB-ARC data from Broad website


The Broad Institute of Harvard and M.I.T. Ashlee Earl, Abigail L Manson, Thomas Abeel, Christopher Desjardins, Sinead Chapman, Bruce Birren download.png
Brigham and Women's Hospital Keira Cohen logo.gif
The Public Health Agency of Sweden, Sweden Pontus Jureen, Sven Hoffner logo.png
Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, Boston, MA, USA Helen Jenkins Harvard-school-of-public-health-logo.png
Yale School of Public Health Theodore Cohen download.jpeg
Republican Research and Practical Centre for Pulmonology and Tuberculosis, Belarus Alena Skrahina, Aksana Zalutskaya  
Office of Cyber Infrastructure and Computational Biology (OCICB), National Institute of Health, USA Andrei Gabrielian, Alex Rosenthal  
Microbiology & Morphology Laboratory Phthisiopneumology Institute; Chisinau, Moldova Valeriu Crudu  
Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School, New Jersey, USA David Alland umdnj_logo.gif
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA Derek Armstrong, Susan E. Dorman, William R. Bishai, Kathryn Winglee  
Boston Medical Center, Boston, MA, USA Jerrold Ellner bmcLogo.jpg
Makerere University College, Uganda Willy Ssengooba 501186_1image.jpg
KwaZulu-Natal Research Institute for Tuberculosis and HIV (K-RITH), South Africa Alexander Pym krith_logo.gif
International Tuberculosis Research Center (ITRC), South Korea Jong Seok Lee Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 11.24.55 AM.png
Boston University, Boston, MA, USA James Galagan BU-Master-Logo.gif
National Taiwan University Hospital, Taiwan Po-Ren Hsueh index_E_02.jpg
National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis (NIRT), India Soumya Swaminathan, Sujatha Narayanan  
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious disease (NIAID), National Institute of Health, USA Maiga Mamoudou NIH_NIAID_logo.jpg
Medical Research Council, South Africa Marti Van der Walt, Jeannette Brand, Lesibana Malinga newbanner2.png
TB Resist Gail Cassell