Technology Core

The overall mission of the GCID is to make breakthrough progress by testing key hypotheses and filling fundamental knowledge gaps about the mechanisms responsible for infectious diseases. The Center achieves this by generating and analyzing ‘omic data from a variety of key pathogens, and by characterizing pathogen-host interactions. To enable and drive this mission, the GCID Technology Core brings together an unmatched combination of cutting edge capabilities in high throughput genomic technologies to apply them to the study of viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and their vectors.

As part of this work, the GCID research projects are applying methods developed by the Technology Core to understand mechanisms of virulence, transmission and drug resistance, and to define the critical interactions between pathogens and their hosts and microbial communities.


  1. Generate high throughput data.
  2. Improve and optimize existing methods for generating genomics data.
  3. Develop new enabling technologies.

Within the GCID Technology Core, the three elements of data generation, process improvement and laboratory innovation together empower the four research projects to engage in cross-disciplinary, genomic research. Importantly, the technical expertise of both the Technology Core and the Data Core are closely integrated with the research projects' scientific needs.