Data Core

The Data Management, Analysis, and Resources Dissemination Core (Data Core) supports the GCID by providing the software infrastructure and tools required for high-throughput and efficient sample and data management, tracking, analysis and dissemination. To maximize the impact of the samples collected and the data and methods the GCID is generating, the Data Core continues to advance the rapid release and public dissemination of GCID data, metadata, analysis tools, strains, and novel reagents.

The Data Core has significant experience handling a remarkable volume and diversity of data types for the viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasite and vector \ projects. The team includes computational biologists experienced in building robust, flexible and scalable software solutions to support genomic research and adept in developing and adapting bioinformatic methods. They work closely with scientists and computational biologists in the GCID Technology Core and research projects. 

The Data Core contributes to, and benefits from, the Broad Institute’s substantial IT infrastructure, which includes a large distributed compute cluster as well as established, dedicated servers for secure data storage and specific analysis needs. It also works in parallel with other efforts at the Broad to move computational pipelines and data sets to a cloud computing infrastructure. 


  1. To establish an efficient system for sample and data management.

  2. To develop a central analysis infrastructure and implement new computational methods to support the scientific goals of the center.

  3. To rapidly release center data and tools.

The Broad GCID has a history of managing the generation and analysis of diverse data types at scale, and of supporting the wider community by creating and rapidly sharing genomic data and analytical tools. The Center continues to develop new approaches for genomic data analysis to enable fundamentally new biological questions to be addressed, and work to make it easier for the community to access and reuse GCID-developed methods and data via cloud computing.