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The presentation slides for Day 1 of the workshop are available online here.

EDIT -- Day 2 materials are also available at the link above.

EDIT -- Hands-on materials also added above.

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The slides from the talk I gave at the Genome Science UK conference (Oxford, Sept 2) are now available here.

A few impressions below the fold.

As always it was fun meeting plenty of GATK users and other researchers in general, and very exciting to get to spread the word about our new workflow and the HaplotypeCaller's capabilities. Special thanks to Mick Watson from Edinburgh Genomics for inviting me, and his team for making me feel super welcome.

I really enjoyed getting to see quite a few microbial genomics talks, since I am originally a microbiologist by training. Too bad I had to miss the plant/forestry B session, as I'm very curious about the crazy-ploidy aspects of plant genomics, but that's the curse of parallel sessions I suppose. Very interesting conference overall for sure, and a nice group size -- lively but not overwhelming (I dislike mega-cons like ASHG). Though maybe next time Nick Loman should get the main lecture theater for his MinION talk instead of the little basement room -- and someone should make sure the wifi network can handle dozens of data-crazed scientists trying to download his MinION datasets at the same time.

A final note on the live-tweeting, i.e. people in the audience tweeting snippets during the talk. I was aware of this as a trend, and in fact I've followed tweet-streams of other people's talks, but had never experienced it myself as a speaker. It's a bit nerve-inducing but very interesting as an insight into what (at least some of) the audience reacted most strongly to and took away from the talk. It also stimulated some interesting follow-up exchanges, so I'll tentatively classify it as a Good Thing for now.

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The presentation slides are available on DropBox at this link:


After the workshop, these materials as well as the hands-on tutorial will be posted in the Presentations section of the website.

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The slides from today's webinar are available as of now in the GSA team Dropbox at this link, and will be on the documentation website shortly.

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This week, three lucky GATK team members are teaching an invited workshop at Mahidol University in Bangkok, Thailand! The slide decks for each day will be available at the start of the day here in the GSA dropbox. After the workshop, all materials will be available in the Presentations section of the GATK website as usual.

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Slides for :

  • Day 1 (Best Practices for Variant Calling with GATK)
  • Day 2 (Building Analysis Pipelines with Queue)

are available at this link in our DropBox slide archive :


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